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Our Services

Our program begins with a multi-sensory and multi-step evaluation which includes: (1) a written cognitive skills assessment, (2) a complete cognitive-physical evaluation, (3) an auditory processing and dyslexia screener (4) a full educational evaluation, (5) a focus and attention assessment and (6) a visual processing screening.

Mind Discovery's home remediation program is for students unable to attend in-center remediation with the the focus on sensory integration and cognitive strengthening followed by academic remediation.

Discovery Academy is additional support for current students. It is an intensive personalized homeschool curriculum program for rigorous cognitive and academic remediation. Your student will return to the school of their choice at grade level and have a successful educational experience. 

Sensory Kit 

Our Sensory Kit includes personalized comprehensive exercises for the body and eyes. Our Primitive Reflex exercises integrate any that may be retained by specific repetitive motions that gradually help develop the frontal and visual cortex of the brain. Our Vision Exercises help to improve eye muscles used for focusing coordination movements and visual perception processing by completing exercises that work together to strengthen the muscles.

Mind Discovery adminsters individualized, multisensory intervention and remediation programs with the the focus on sensory integration and cognitive strengthening followed by academic remediation.

Mind Recovery, for adults, is a brain training program that improves cognitive functioning, memory, and focus. It is an in-center multisensory intervention and remediation program with the the focus on sensory integration, cognition, focus and memory improvement.

Fast ForWord helps struggling readers achieve their full learning potential. This adaptive online reading program uses the science of learning to fast-track learning recovery so students can catch up to grade-level reading—for good. As a certified provider, we offer this program as part of our in-center remediation curriculum and as a standalone at-home/virtual service.

Play Attention was inspired by NASA technology used to train their astronauts to attend under various conditions. This program uses BodyWave technology to read signals from the brain indicating focus and cognitive processing in real time as participants play the games.

IEP / 504 Advocate

Mind Discovery guides you through the entire educational accommodation experience. We provide IEP/504 preparation by reviewing existing IEPs/504s and providing recommendations. We will attend your ARD or 504 meetings to ensure the goals and outcomes of the plan are implemented for student success.

Nutritional Support - 

Health Supplements

A key factor of optimal brain function is healthy nutrition. Good nutrition is essential for reaching and operating at full potential. Eating a variety of healthy foods helps provide the body with the building blocks it needs for healthy brain function and body development. Healthy eating should be a top priority for everyone. 

SAT Prep Course

During our unique and specialized course students will work on cognitive skills as well as test preparation.  The class is 8 weeks long and will include the following: improving attention and focus, memory enhancement, processing speed and more.

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