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Brenda's Story

I have dedicated my life to education, and was one who knew early what my passion was and continues to be.  I too was born with learning challenges that I had to overcome, or simply adapted to.  I also remember that one teacher who went above and beyond, “thank you Mr. Universe.”  


I began my teaching career as a kindergarten teacher when our district was selected as a recipient of an Early Reading First Grant.  This grant was specifically designed to increase developmentally appropriate literacy skills and I, as the teacher leader received 3 years of intense training in how children learn to read.  The methods were clear, children learn through their senses.  Our scores increased significantly when we designed a print rich, data-driven classroom through meaningful experiences.  They were all decoding by the end of the school year!


I went on to be a Reading First Coach, the first year we were immersed in literacy.  It was now my job to teach teachers.  My very first training was on adult learning theory and I was sent to a 3-Week Intensive LETRS Training, taught by Dr. Louisa Moats, author of LETRS.  It was another life-changing experience.  I absolutely loved working side by side with teachers working together to ensure student success.


I am a certified LETRS provider and literacy specialist.  This exposure showed me that the English language does have a pattern, but more importantly added the research component of what I witnessed as a kindergarten teacher.  Again, activating the senses was a priority in a developmental sequence, otherwise known as a scope and sequence.


As the grant phased into step 2, we implemented a “Walk to Read” Tier 2 model of instruction.  I  Identified our at-risk students, middle and high-end students to receive targeted instruction in the five big areas of reading.  We followed a master schedule, therefore everyone went to another reading room, hence, “Walk to Read.”   Team building was crucial, and we did it!


After monitoring the data, I found that many students ended up in my intervention group year after year, struggling in school and falling behind their classmates and peers. After monitoring the research, what could it be? 


Determined, and unwilling to accept that there was no resolution.  During one of our professional learning meetings, we learned about a program called Systems of Intellect.  We went and visited the Trainer in our district, and soon all the literacy coaches were trained in Systems of Intellect.  In combination with Dibels, teacher data, systematic instruction, “Walk to Read”, we became an “A+” Distinguished District.  The answer was to assess the whole child using the Systems of Intellect and Integrated Practice Protocol, to identify strengths and weaknesses in cognition  and working through academic remediation plans.


Today, I am the owner of Mind Discovery and I am so excited to share with you the secrets I learned along the way as I made my journey of discovery. This model has helped hundreds of children excel and progress at higher academic levels, allowing them to make huge strides in both their academic and professional lives.  It is absolutely a dream career, helping others succeed, believe, and achieve. 

Brenda Armstrong


“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” -Mark Doren

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