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The Assessment

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Our program begins with a multi-sensory and multi-step evaluation which includes: (1) a written cognitive skills assessment, (2) a complete cognitive-physical evaluation (3) an auditory processing and dyslexia screener (4) a full educational evaluation (5) a focus and attention assessment and (6) a visual processing screening.

This information provides a snapshot of the person’s learning abilities and to see their learning potential. So much information is revealed as to how information is processed, understood, remembered, evaluated and used to problem solve creatively.

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Find out what areas – such as comprehension, evaluation, problem-solving or memory – may be causing difficulties, and see what areas are already strong. Not only does it identify areas of concern, it identifies areas of strength that the student or adult has not been aware of. Understanding areas of strength allows for a feeling of empowerment to face challenges in learning or in life with an increased confidence!

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Students within reasonable driving distance of the center will be offered Mind Discovery’s in-center assessment.  Testing in-center is available on Friday mornings only and the time varies by student age: 

Ages 6-7 will take the SOI PLA (about 3 hours)

Ages 8-Adult will take the SOI ALA (about 5 hours)


Students interested in long distance learning will be offered Mind Discovery’s entire home remediation plan and virtual assessment. 

The assessment administrator will grade and evaluate your student’s assessment and create an assessment report and remediation plan.  A post-analysis meeting will be scheduled, via our website’s scheduling tool, to go over the results and our remediation recommendations.  Payment will be completed during the scheduling of this meeting as well. 

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