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Students begin with a complete physical and cognitive evaluation, which provides extensive results guiding an intervention plan. Our intervention specialist collaborates with your family to establish a remediation plan. We ask you and your learner to set personal goals, and we promise to ensure successful cognitive development and academic growth. Each student's program will be different, but all are composed of auditory, motor, visual and cognition exercises.

This program has been carefully structured to operate similarly and effectively as our in-center remediation programs as possible, but clearly will require a few foundational differences. Since we are unable to physically work with students a guardian, or other consistent instructional figure must provide the coaching and assistance students would typically receive. This program operates as an equal partnership between the student, Mind Discovery remediation specialist, and a physical remediation coach. We understand that parents are not educational specialists so we are there via phone, zoom or email to answer every question that might arise. We also provide you with a guide for each stage of the program, access to Google Classroom that includes all instructional materials, including instructional videos.

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