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Discovery Academy - Homeschool Add-On
Parker County's 1st Brain Training Co-Op

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Discovery Academy’s purpose is to integrate and remediate a student within a single school year.  It is recommended for anyone looking for an intensive remediation process.  Significant cognitive change can be seen as early as six months. Our goal is to help students strengthen their brains and transition successfully back to full academic programs and life as a child.

Mind Discovery crafts and oversees individualized, multisensory intervention programs with the intent of sensory integration and cognitive strengthening followed by academic remediation. 

Parents and remediation coaches provide the necessary supervision to ensure that the student is participating in all activities at the recommended intensity.  Students attend the center twice a week in one hour intervals.  Homework is required and necessary for successful integration and remediation.

Students begin with a complete physical and cognitive evaluation, which provides extensive results guiding an intervention plan. Our intervention specialist collaborates with your family to establish a remediation plan. We ask you and your learner to set personal goals to ensure successful cognitive development and academic growth. Each student's program will be different, but all are composed of auditory, motor, visual and cognition exercises.

Discovery Academy Application

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