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Discovery Academy - Homeschool
Parker County's 1st Brain Training Co-Op

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Mind Discovery believes in developing cognition before content!  We do this by developing underdeveloped skills in the brain necessary for learning using the principles of neuroplasticity.  Our brain-mapping assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in order to target specific skills needed for attention, focus, auditory and visual processing disorders, as well as memory and executive functioning deficits.


Our belief is to address the whole child in ways that are meaningful, invigorating, deliberate and holistic. We ensure that the child develops lifelong cognitive and academic skills essential for success in the classroom and beyond!  We create a disposition in the context of learning.

Discovery Academy’s purpose is to integrate the central nervous system and remediate a student within a single school year, and is recommended for anyone looking for an intensive cognitive and educational remediation process. Significant cognitive change can be seen as early as a few months. Our goal is to help students strengthen their brains and transition successfully back to full time academic programs and life as a child. Mind Discovery’s program crafts and oversees individualized, multisensory intervention programs with the intent of sensory integration and cognitive strengthening followed by academic remediation. 

Parents and remediation coaches provide the necessary supervision to ensure that the student is participating in all activities at the recommended intensity. Students attend the center twice a week for four hours for academic remediation in conjunction with brain training. Direct instruction and extensive ongoing assessments are done by Educational Therapists and schoolwork is to be completed at home supervised by the parent, and is required part of our program and necessary for successful integration and remediation.


Students begin with a complete physical, cognitive and academic evaluation, which provides extensive results guiding an intervention plan that provides real results.

Our Educational Therapists and Intervention Specialists collaborate with your family to establish a remediation plan. Each student's program will be tailored to their specific needs and levels, but are all composed of visual, auditory, sensorimotor and cognition skills along with their academic objectives.

Ready to take your homeschooling experience to the next level? Join Discovery Academy and become part of a community dedicated to empowering parents and enriching young minds.

Discovery Academy Application

" My son spent two years at Mind Discovery, including one school year at Discovery Academy. During these two years, his reading level increased from first grade to sixth grade (!!) and his math also improved five grade levels (2nd to 7th). His interest in learning has increased dramatically, which is the most important gain. He has gone from hating school to loving it! "
Parent Testimony

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