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The personal trials, triumphs and transformations that keep us going. 

"We feel so fortunate to have learned about MDC!  This is exactly what we’ve been looking for to help our son not just survive, but THRIVE in school + in life.  It’s a phenomenal home for the kiddos who aren’t “bad” enough for a diagnosis of something, but have a hard time grasping various parts of their education.  All the ladies there are so kind, welcoming, experienced and knowledgeable!  Highly recommended!"

- Kim 

"We came to Mind Discovery for help in reading and writing. She was scoring 2 grades behind in those subjects. Since working with this SOI program here, we have noticed an improvement in her abilities in both subjects as well as her decision making as a whole. She loves the staff, as do I. A very friendly working environment. I also have learned a lot about the developing brain and understand the learning curve for children myself."

- Nicole 

"The staff there are simply amazing. So caring, knowledgeable, and helpful. My daughter’s reading and spelling improved a lot after a few months of working with Brenda and the staff. Their assessment process and approach are different than anything I’ve seen. I knew they were legit when, from the assessment alone, they could tell me things about her behavior and struggles that we have witnessed for the past few years and actually WHY she was struggling. Her confidence improved, auditory processing and word decoding improved, her ability to control herself improved. Plus, she enjoyed going so that’s a bonus! Jessica helped me draft a letter to request an IEP/504 assessment and explained the differences. As former public school educators who saw a gap in the offering to help struggling kids and decided to do something about it, this team knows their stuff. We will be going back this summer and can’t wait!"

- Tina 

"Highly recommend it! My son has been going to see Mrs. Armstrong and Ms. McKenna for over a month now and the improvement we have all witnessed is absolutely amazing. The ladies are so kind, caring and compassionate and really care about your child. Thank you ladies!"

 - Alisha

"My son started going there as it was recommended by a friend.  I loved how warm and welcome they were right from the start.  They begin with comprehensive testing in order to get an idea of how your child’s brain works.  They then use that information to set up a schedule and plan to help your child get the most out of the sessions.  I saw huge improvements even after a short time!  This Center is innovative and professional.  Highly recommend it!"

- Kristin

"I wish they had something like this while I was growing up the people here really do care for the children if your parent and you have a child that is struggling in school whether that's lack of passion or learning disability this place is a good start and they set your child up for success in the future if you want the best for your children I recommend looking into this place and what they have to offer."

- Anthony 

"Max participated in a cognitive training program at Mind Discovery Center and I couldn't have imagined how much it would help him. His teacher has noticed a huge Improvement in his behavior, his ability to follow instructions, it's the capacity to keep up in class and his grades are a lot better. He's a different boy all together and that he's happy to go to school and we've noticed a big Improvement in self-esteem, thank you Mind Discovery Center."

"WOW! Only way to describe the first day of Summer Camp.  Could not believe it when my grandson wanted to hurry home, go to bed, and hurry back to camp!  All he kept saying all the way home was “thank you, I really love camp!”.  He is also in the fast track program.  I am happy to say I have seen a significant improvement in his reading and writing skills.  BEST Investment I ever made!"

- Renita 

Absolutely love this place! My children have been going here for over a year & we have seen significant growth in all school subjects & personal development. Very nice women who really care about my children’s success.

- Rebecca 

"As we are finishing up our first two months at Mind  Discovery Center and we have seen huge things start to happen. He is more confident, his reading has gone up 2 levels, and he is talking more clearly. Mrs. Armstrong is so kind and knowledgeable and gives us hope. It seems to be exactly what we were looking for. I’ve also noticed that my son has much more physical coordination, and he participates more. He couldn't participate in anything sports like this before, and now he is able to. I can't wait to see what the future holds for my son.  Thank you Mind Discovery Center."

"I heard from a friend about Mind Discovery Center and their cognitive ability training, and I was hesitant as a mom that tried so many different things, but my friend’s son had made huge gains.  We did the Structure of Intellect Test that blew us away. Mrs. Armstrong described not only his strengths, but exactly what he needed. I thought I would give it a try. Mind Discovery exceeded our expectations, and I would recommend other parents to prioritize this form of intervention for their child."  

Since finishing the program Ethan has improved in many ways. He is now very focused and continues on a task until the end, and he follows instructions and only needs to be asked once. His teacher reports that his listening, spelling and reading have greatly improved. He really is a different child. I would highly recommend Mind Discovery Center and their fabulous brain training programs.

Mind Discovery Center is an amazing cognitive brain training program that we are using and has exceeded our expectations. My son was tested using the Structure of Intellect that identified his strengths and weaknesses. He always struggled with reading comprehension, low working memory, processing both auditory and visual and Mind Discovery has been amazing for him.

If your child is experiencing any developmental delays, then I highly recommend Mind Discovery Center. I could never say enough about Mrs. Armstrong and the program that she serves to children. Her passion for learning, her knowledge, and kindness are inspiring. Thank you!

My 2nd grader has been coming here for a couple months and has improved so much. He is much more focused and his comprehension is improving everyday. The staff is very welcoming and informative. I would recommend  bringing your kids here if they need a little bit of help. They are amazing.

- Eric 

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