Cognition Before Content
Does your child struggle to stay focused? 

Get easily distracted? 

Have difficulty remembering directions? Struggle to understand new tasks? 

Have a hard time with verbal instructions?


Cognitive Ability Training combined with Academic Remediation

Mind Discovery understands and addresses the causes of learning difficulties. We begin with the Systems Of Intellect (SOI) Assessment.  This assessment looks at the different root causes of learning difficulties.  The process is simple: assess, identify, and train.  SOI determines why and how school work is difficult by assessing a student’s 26 cognitive abilities that are necessary to learn. Our approach is unique because our assessments can find the problem, provide a solution, and ensure that there is success.


The physical component evaluates sensory integration skills, focusing skills, and auditory processing. The IPP program addresses the cause(s) of the learning difficulty. It works to improve attention span, memory, comparison & contrast thinking, eye-hand coordination, systems reasoning, and other skills essential to the learning process. This helps students perform better in school, socially, and in sports.  If any of the following describe you or your child, an IPP assessment could be very beneficial. 

  • has difficulty paying attention

  • can't sit still

  • anxious

  • has difficulty focusing

  • wanders around the classroom or workplace

  • lack of concentration

  • poor posture

  • trouble reading/tracking across a page

  • clumsy

  • unaware of body in space

We also do a full comprehensive academic profile, identifying current grade level performance. 


We specialize in meeting students at their current academic level with the goal of reaching grade level to transition back to mainstream school.

The SOI assessment reveals very specific cognitive strengths and weaknesses. It can be completed in 2-3 hours.