Program Phases
The 3 main phases of every student's learning program. 

What if you could help your child learn easier, understand information faster?

Our remediation programs use sound, objects and body movement to help the mind and body systems establish better relationships. Often children do not develop the most effective neural pathways during critical stages of brain development. These neural pathways can develop incorrectly, causing moderate to severe cognitive weaknesses. Sometimes our cognitive weaknesses result in learning challenges that display themselves in a wide range of ways including ADHD, dyslexia and the Asperger's Spectrum.

Mind Discovery's research-based programs use multiple scientific learning software in the process of delivering academic content and the results consistently show that strengthening memory, attention and auditory and visual processing speeds is possible through brain training. Our students academic success and general confidence and empowerment is noticeable by everyone they interact with. 

Teaching with the brain in mind allows us to train learning challenges, improve intellectual abilities, expand career opportunities and change daily life. 

Our unique integrated learning approach uses award-winning educational programs supported by the best in educational research. 

By re-teaching the body's ability to balance, coordinate, focus and attend children strengthen the cognitive abilities necessary to successfully learn.

The Mind Discovery Assessment Process

Our program begins with a multi-sensory and multi-step evaluation which includes:

(1) a written cognitive skills assessment,

(2) a complete cognitive-physical evaluation and

(3) an auditory processing and dyslexia screener (4) a full educational evaluation.

Your child will proceed through 3 basic stages (further outlined below): 

  1. Assessment

  2. Analysis

  3. Enrollment


The Assessment

Students within reasonable driving distance of the center will be offered Mind Discovery’s in center assessment. Students interested in long distance learning will be offered Mind Discovery’s entire home remediation plan and assessment options.  Testing in-center is available on Friday mornings only.  Scheduling and payment will be completed through our website’s scheduling tool.


The in-center Mind Discovery assessment program varies by student age: 

Ages 5-7 will take the SOI PLA (2 hours)

Ages 8-Adult will take the SOI ALA (4 hours)

The Analysis

The assessment administrator will grade and evaluate your student’s assessment.  An assessment report and remediation plan will be created, based on these results, using the Structure of Intellect (SOI) guidelines.  A post-analysis meeting will be scheduled, via our website’s scheduling tool, to go over the results and our remediation recommendation.