About Mind Discovery

Mind Discovery specializes in providing academic and behavioral remediation services to students (1st grade through adulthood) with developmental disorders, and other learning challenges such as; dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory processing, executive functioning, ADHD/ADD, sensory and visual processing disorders. Mind Discovery creates individualized educational plans after an intensive cognitive, physical, and academic assessment is complete. 

Brain development plays an important role in determining a child’s ability to learn. The Mind Discovery program integrates key elements necessary to drive development and brain connectivity, otherwise known as neuroplasticity. The brain can change, making learning easier and more efficient.

Interventions include sensory engagement, core muscle strength, coordination, eye tracking and auditory processing, in combination with academic remediation. These program components, when combined, focus on strengthening weaker areas of the brain. The integrated brain allows for the development of skills and tools necessary to function at a higher level of cognition.

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"Parents are always shocked when they start noticing behavioral changes before seeing academic success. It's amazing how family dynamics change when homework is no longer constant battle." 

Mind Discovery Founder and Lead Brain Trainer,

Brenda Armstrong, 

M. Ed..