July 13th - June 30th 2022 - Session 1

July 11th  - July 29th 2022 - Session 2

Summer break is around the corner, and it's a perfect time to enroll your child in Mind Discovery’s Summer Camp.  You can help your child tackle their challenges and be ready to start the next year AHEAD, instead of behind.

Mind Discovery doesn’t believe in simply trying to “catch kids up.” Our goal is to get to the root of the problem. Mind Discovery’s integrated approach helps kids who struggle behaviorally, socially and academically. We identify the issues, then set a plan in place that addresses your child’s specific needs.

Summer provides an ideal time for Summer Camp. Making sessions available during the day instead of organizing the bulk of the instruction after school. Mind Discovery develops a carefully structured program that's focused on getting your child back on track.

Our Program begins with a comprehensive assessment that includes sensory-motor and academic testing. We take an integrated approach that addresses the whole child and includes sensory motor training and confidence building as well as academics.  

By completing our program over the summer your child will gain confidence, increased self-esteem and huge academic gains.

The perfect time to enroll your child in Mind Discovery’s Summer Camp is now! This summer, you can help them tackle their challenges and be ready for next year AHEAD instead of behind.  We don't believe that just "catching kids up" will do it - our goal with integrated approaches helps those who struggle academically as well as behaviorally or socially so they are prepared when school starts back again after vacation begins




At MD, our summer camp revolves around learning and growth.  The mornings will be filled with academic and cognitive learning.  The afternoons will be full of fun.  We developed weekly themes made up of daily activities and field trips that ARE DESIGNED TO IMPROVE brain power and cognitive functioning.

Every theme offers a variety of activities, projects, and more. Your child will discover new things with our interesting and exciting camp themes.

Field trips are an important part of summer camp. They extend the children’s learning and bring their experience to life. Field trips may include exciting opportunities to enjoy nature.  Nature is a tool which builds confidence, increases creativity, implores movement and exercise, and teaches responsibility.

Students will begin camp at Mind Discovery, at 11:00, they will travel to Discovery Ranch.  Discovery Ranch is located on 15 acres, approximately 12 miles from the center.  Students will be transferred to and from center.

Investing In Your Child

The combination of academic enhancement and outdoor play is actually an investment in your child’s brain activity and therefore ultimately your child as a whole. When children are running around, kicking a ball, making a piece of art, taking a hike and exploring somewhere new, the brain is exercising. Exercising this PLAY and SEEKING system leads to growth in all areas of the brain.  The more you use the brain, the stronger it becomes. Just as we want children to get outside and exercise their bodies, we also want them to exercise their minds and strengthen cognitive abilities.

This part of the brain deals with:

  • cognitive functioning

  • problem-solving

  • emotional expression

  • memory

  • language

  • judgment

9:00- 11:00Academics at Center

11:00 - 11:30 Travel

11:30 -  12:00  Lunch

12:00 - 1:00 Classes

1:00 - 2:30 Games

2:30 - 3:00 Travel

Science (volcanoes, flight, scavenger hunt, airplanes, space exploration) 

Sports (bicycle racing, fishing, paintball, basketball, dodgeball, archery) 

Nature (hiking, rock building, painting, gardening, animals)

Team Building (assemble teams and team names, tug a war, kick ball, relay race, treasure hunt)


Fire Department Visit