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We specialize in Dyslexia, ADHD, Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders.
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Brain Training




Cognition Before Content

Mind Discovery is a cognitive AND academic performance center that uses a multidisciplinary approach to assist students in boosting their cognitive functioning while overcoming academic learning challenges.  

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Unlocking Learning Potential


Our programs are designed to strengthen the cognitive skills that enable our brains to think, learn, read, remember, and solve problems in new ways.  Our programs consist of fun, challenging mental and physical exercises that prepare any student for lifelong learning.


Our brain training workout plans are customized to challenge and strengthen each child's unique cognitive profile and learning style. Children learn through their senses and we created a learning environment that enhances the Eyes, Ears, and Body. 

The Mind Discovery Program just makes sense!


How the Mind Discovery Program Works


Mind Discovery activates many regions of the brain through individualized physical and cognitive exercises.  The program is personalized to a student's needs and development level, building progressively as they advance through our program.


All curriculum is researched based, individualized and is academically, socially, and emotionally appropriate for students of all ages. Our remedial programs are designed to close the gap between what students know and what they’re expected to know. 


Student are taught strategies through a structured, sequential, multisensory approach that enables them to acquire academic skills in reading, spelling, and oral and written language.


The Mind Discovery Process

It all begins with our assessment. Designing an effective remedial approach to instruction depends upon an accurate assessment of the student’s cognitive and academic skill level. Knowing the student’s learning profile enables Mind Discover to teach to the student’s areas of strength and effectively remediate the areas of weakness or difficulty. 

Target the Root of Learning Struggles


Our programs develop ability in the the 8 skill sets necessary for successful academic learning and social interaction. 

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Issue Remediated: Auditory Processing 

Pretest date: 04/20/2019

Post-test date: 05/29/2020

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Issue Remediated: Dyslexia, general learning struggles 

Pretest date: 04/01/2019

Post-test date: 01/08/2020


  • Schools often accomodate instead of remediate

  • You can have 20/20 vision and also have a visual processing disorder. 

  • 1 in 4 students have a learning difference

  • Learning difficulties are not a problem of motivation or intelligence.

  • Children with learning disabilities are as smart as everyone else, they are not dumb or lazy, but their mind operates differently. 

  • Mixed Dominance can cause learning challenges.

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